Did you know you can use Yacht Safe to manage the National Equipment Auditor Scheme  Safety Declarations.

That’s right, the system is actually based on initially taking Safety Declarations for the National Equipment Auditor Scheme, then either manually or automatically nominating a boat for audit.

It’s simple to do, just activate your account, send out the notice to owners and have them submit their Safety Declarations within the Yacht Safe SaaS.

The real benefit of this is all the data is managed by the Yacht Safe system, notifications can be setup to nag owners who don’t respond in a timely manner, you get notified when they have made a submission and at any time you can manually nominat the boat to undertake an audit.

So what’s really happening is you are automating the declaration process, and that means you have all the control, at the click of a button you can see what the status quo is, who has or hasn’t submitted and there is no need for you to be constantly checking off paper forms, it’s all there, available to sailing admin and club captains.

Yacht Safe makes it easy for your  club to be part of the National Equipment Auditor Scheme even if you are not currently undertaking audits.

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