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Message to RGYC Owners

Monday 04.09.2017   RGYC Racing Fleet Safety Equipment Auditing for the 2017-2018 racing season Greetings all The season is upon us and most of the auditors are back from up north, looking forward to working through the fleet and completing your audits. Again this year we are using the Yacht Safe Software As A Service ( [...]

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Yacht Safety Equipment Audit Scheme

This is a little post about why we started Yacht Safe and built the Yacht Safety Equipment Auditing Software "SaaS In recent years I have been obsessed with the concept of creating better service delivery through the use of technology, be that cloud based software or improved systems structure, I have found that they [...]

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Use Yacht Safe for National Equipment Auditor Scheme, Safety Declarations

Did you know you can use Yacht Safe to manage the National Equipment Auditor Scheme  Safety Declarations. That's right, the system is actually based on initially taking Safety Declarations for the National Equipment Auditor Scheme, then either manually or automatically nominating a boat for audit. It's simple to do, just activate your account, send out [...]

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How to prepare for a Safety Equipment Audit

Preparing your boat for a Safety Equipment Audit. What is a Safety Equipment Audit ? A “Safety Equipment Audit” is an inspection conducted by an accredited National Equipment Auditor (NEA) who represents your Yacht Club, or the race organising authority. Most Clubs now require a #Safety Equipment Audit be undertaken prior to competing in the [...]

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