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Yacht Safe Keep It Free

Can you help us keep Yacht Safe Free ?

We need the support of Sponsors and Advertisers

Yacht Safe is the only Software that manages the processes of the National Equipment Auditor Scheme ( NEAS)

The cloud based software as a service [SAAS] is the Simple|Secure|Compliant way to efficiently audit a clubs racing yacht fleet.

There are three specific user groups who access the site multiple times throughout the process of their audit.

  • Clubs
  • Yacht Owners
  • Auditors

That makes it pretty easy to put your brand directly in front of these Yacht Safe users who have some motivation to consider your products, goods or services, because you're helping to Keep It Free to use.

Let's not mince words here, we need high value reputable brands on our sites, we are not looking to clutter the site with advertising, rather present to the user groups in an organised considered manner.

If you manage a large corporate brand involved in the Yachting and Boating industry we would love to talk to you about the " Prime " and Premium sponsor areas, Insurance, Yacht Sales, Safety Etc. 

If your interested just send us an email via the form below or call Malcolm on +61408363537

Keep Yacht Safe Free

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Address : Geelong Victoria Australia
Phone: +61408363537
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